Superior Medical Waste destroys rejected, faulty and returned products, including sensitive products like pharmaceuticals.

If you have ever dealt with disposal of sensitive materials like pharmaceuticals, you know that it is not as simple as throwing them in the trash. Superior Medical Waste is fully equipped to carefully handle the many layers of logistics you will encounter during product destruction. All of our product destruction services offer the highest level of confidentiality, as well as providing you with certificates of destruction. Your product and pharmaceutical destruction is secured by Superior Medical Waste, we offer the following security safeguards for our clients and their sensitive products.

  • Certified weights (if applicable)
  • Video recording of product destruction
  • Certificates of destruction

Superior Medical Waste does all we can to ensure that significant security measures are taken to provide our clients with complete confidence in destruction of their material. Superior Medical Waste ensures this by:

  • Enrolling all employees in DMV Pull Notice programs monitoring them for any violations including traffic violations
  • Only hiring employees who pass a Department of Justice and/or an independent criminal background check
  • Randomly drug testing all employees

Superior Medical Waste provides unmatched product destruction services. When you trust your potentially hazardous waste disposal to Superior Medical Waste, your company is secured and you can rest easy knowing your products are demolished professionally.