Superior Medical Waste’s Site Remediation Services will ensure the proper cleanup for site readiness.

Hospitals and medical facilities always want to use a company that specializes in the medical and clinical industry when dealing with a cleanup site remediation. With proper understanding of healthcare and ultimate expertise, our specialists are capable of taking special precautions when dealing with facilities that need to be sensitive to patient care, occupancy and noise restrictions.


Superior Medical Waste, in addition to regulatory compliance, assists clients with compliance of third-party agencies such as Joint Commission.

At Superior Medical Waste, our clients are offered premium support by our site remediation specialists, who provide responsive, professional and compliant medical waste remediation services including:

  • Hazardous Material Spill Decontamination
  • Soil Cleanup and Remediation
  • On Site Soil Treatment Solutions
  • Assisted Job Permitting
  • Construction Site Preparation
  • SOW and Procedural Planning
  • Soil and Chemical Sampling and Testing
  • Hazardous material removal and cleanup